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Human (GRCh37.p13)
About this transcript

This transcript has 13 exons, is annotated with 17 domains and features, is associated with 8973 variant alleles and maps to 1311 oligo probes.

Transcript IDNamebpProteinTranslation IDBiotypeCCDSRefSeqFlags
Protein coding
-Ensembl CanonicalGENCODE basic

Exons: 13, Coding exons: 11, Transcript length: 1,787 bps, Translation length: 482 residues




Protein coding

Annotation Method

Annotation produced by aligning human cDNA sequences to the genome using Exonerate's cdna2genome model, which utilises annotation identifying the coding regions of the cDNA sequences, along with protein evidence from UniProtKB, from various species, aligned to the genome using GeneWise. This annotation is used where there is no manual annotation and annotation could not be projected from the primary assembly.

GENCODE basic gene

This transcript is a member of the Gencode basic gene set.