FTP Download

You can download via a browser from our FTP site, use a script, or even use rsync from the command line.

API Code

If you do not have access to git, you can obtain our latest API code as a gzipped tarball:

Download complete API for this release

Note: the API version needs to be the same as the databases you are accessing, so please use git to obtain a previous version if querying older databases.

Database dumps

Entire databases can be downloaded from our FTP site in a variety of formats. Please be aware that some of these files can run to many gigabytes of data. To facilitate storage and download all databases are GNU Zip (gzip, *.gz) compressed.

The databases on this site are updated to the latest schema every release (for compatibility with the web code), and a new VEP cache is also released.

Please ensure that you download the current API, as described above, for working with this data.