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New regulation data

Microarray Probe Mapping Update (Human)

Update microarray probe mappings for all human arrays

Other updates


GRCh38 RefSeq gene import (Human)

RefSeq GFF3 annotation interim updates were added to the otherfeatures database. The annotation contains features projected from the current RefSeq transcripts and curated genomic sequences placed on the GRCh37.p13 assembly sequences.


Ensembl 90 mart databases (all species)

  • Ensembl Genes 90
    • Addition of new versioned stable ID filter/attribute for Gene, Transcript and Translation
    • Retired Status filters and attributes
  • Ensembl Variation 90
    • Updated human variation data
  • Ensembl Regulation 90


COSMIC data update (Human)

Imported cancer data from COSMIC version 81.

This import excludes the COSMIC alleles, populations and the mutations types.

HGMD-Public dataset (Human)

Update the HGMD data to the version 2016.4 (December 2016)

Structural variants (Human)

  • Added new studies from DGVa
  • Updated some of the existing studies from DGVa

Phenotype data updates (Human)

  • Updated Human phenotype data from different sources including NHGRI-EBI GWAS, OMIM, ClinVar, UniProt, Cosmic Gene Census, DDG2P and Orphanet.

dbSNP 150 data for human (Human)

Update of the human variation database to dbSNP 150.

TOPMed variants for GRCh37 (Human)

We have remapped TOPMed (Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine) variants from dbSNP 150 GRCh38 to GRCh37 using Ensembl's projection method and remapping pipeline.

Future Plans

Read about our future plans on our blog!