In early 2020 we are planning to remove all data other than for human from this archive website. If you think this will impact you please read our blog post for full details.

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The Distributed Annotation System (DAS)

DAS is a specification of a protocol for requesting and returning annotation data for genomic regions. DAS allows sequence annotation to be stored in a decentralised manner, by multiple third-party annotators, and integrated on an as-needed basis by client-side software.

As of release 84, Ensembl no longer supports the DAS protocol. If you wish to make your data publicly accessible, we recommend creating a track hub, which provides a similar service to DAS but requires only a standard web server (or ftp site) and a few simple configuration files.

Information on how to create a track hub can be found at the UCSC Genome Browser website. The track hub format was created by the browser team at UCSC.