In early 2020 we are planning to remove all data other than for human from this archive website. If you think this will impact you please read our blog post for full details.

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FTP Download

You can download via a browser from our FTP site, use a script, or even use rsync from the command line.

API Code

If you do not have access to git, you can obtain our latest API code as a gzipped tarball:

Download complete API for this release

Note: the API version needs to be the same as the databases you are accessing, so please use git to obtain a previous version if querying older databases.

Database dumps

Entire databases can be downloaded from our FTP site in a variety of formats. Please be aware that some of these files can run to many gigabytes of data. To facilitate storage and download all databases are GNU Zip (gzip, *.gz) compressed.

Human (Homo sapiens)

The databases on this site are updated to the latest schema every release (for compatibility with the web code), and a new VEP cache is also released.

Please ensure that you download the current API, as described above, for working with this data.

Additional datasets are updated approximately every six months:

Other human data - not updated since release 75

All other species

Data for all other species on this site is taken from Ensembl Release 75. Please visit the Release 75 archive site for downloads of these datasets.