EMBL-EBI User Survey 2024

Do data resources managed by EMBL-EBI and our collaborators make a difference to your work?

Please take 10 minutes to fill in our annual user survey, and help us make the case for why sustaining open data resources is critical for life sciences research.

Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HJKYKTT?channel=[webpage]

Geek for a Week

The Ensembl "Geek for a Week" experience is a way for Ensembl software developers and our scientific collaborators to work in an intensive environment for short periods of time on the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK.

Visiting Geeks will be assigned a desk within the Ensembl team at the EMBL-EBI and have an opportunity to work on their project with direct access to the developers who built the tools and the Ensembl scientists using these for data analysis.

Geeks are required to bring their own laptops and provide the funding for transportation to Hinxton and accommodation while here. Some prospective geeks may choose to apply for funding from external sources such as EMBO short term fellowships.

Ideal outcomes of a Geek for a Week are the incorporation of new features into the Ensembl code base, the development of new tools built with Ensembl technology, or intensive collaborative research leading to joint publications.

All prospective Geeks are asked to submit a short application, which includes an overall outline of your proposed project, a description of your experience with the Ensembl software and tools, and details of your work plan while visiting. Accepted applications will normally be from developers or researchers with established connections to members of the Ensembl Team.

No "Geek for a Week" applications will be accepted or visits supported if non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements or any other legal agreements are required by the visiting research teams. Visiting requiring such agreements can be supported only via consultancy arrangements and interested researchers should contact the Ensembl helpdesk for more information.

For users interested primarily in learning about Ensembl's tools, we offer a series of short course both at the EMBL-EBI and around the world. These courses include modules focused on the Ensembl genome browser, the Ensembl APIs, and the Ensembl BioMart. Please see the Ensembl blog for the current list of courses.

For more information about Ensembl courses or the Geek for a Week experience, please contact the Ensembl helpdesk.

Quick Start Application instructions:

Prepare a brief (approximately one page) proposal with the aim of your visit, including topics detailed above, and email the proposal to our helpdesk.