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Credits for species images

Individual sources

We would like to thank the following photographers and organisations for permission to use their pictures on our website:

Public sources

  • NHGRI press photos: Bushbaby, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Elephant, Gibbon, Guinea Pig, Ground Squirrel, Horse, Marmoset, Platypus, Rabbit, Rat, Wallaby, Zebrafinch
  • Wikimedia Commons: Human (statue of St George by Donatello), Alpaca (Kylie Flood), Baboon, Chimpanzee (Thomas Lersch), Chinese hamster, Cod (Hans-Petter Fjeld), Dolphin (NASA), Duck, Ferret (Alfredo Gutiérrez), Fruitfly (André Karwath), Gorilla, Hedgehog, Kangaroo rat, Macaque, Mouse (George Shuklin), Orangutan (Kabir Bakie), Painted turtle (US Bureau of Land Management), Panda (J Patrick Fischer), Pika, Sheep (Andreas Cappell), Shrew (Sophie von Merten), Sloth, Spotted gar (Brian Gratwicke), Squirrel monkey (Julie Langford), Tarsier (Kok Leng Yeo), Tasmanian devil (Wayne McLean), Tree shrew (J J Harrison)