In early 2020 we are planning to remove all data other than for human from this archive website. If you think this will impact you please read our blog post for full details.

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When browsing Ensembl you can use the Help icon to bring up a context-sensitive help window. You can also search our help database or browse our FAQs.


If you cannot find an answer, or if you have a problem with the website, you can email Helpdesk.

Mailing Lists

We have two public mailing lists:

  • announce - a low-traffic list for release announcements and web status updates
  • dev - programming help from the Ensembl development team and other Ensembl power users

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We encourage organisations to collaborate with us on projects of all sizes, from setting up a custom install of Ensembl with additional views and data, to large-scale research programs. More information...