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Ensembl stable gene, transcript, and protein identifiers are kept the same throughout Ensembl releases unless the gene or transcript model changes dramatically. In this case, the old stable identifier may be retired and a new one assigned (or two identifiers may be merged into one). The Ensembl Archive tracks all stable identifiers and should provide mappings to the current gene, transcript, and protein set.

The Ensembl ID is listed, and the status is current if the ID can be found in the current release. The latest version in which the gene, transcript, or protein was found is listed in case the ID has been retired.

Find old IDs in the current Ensembl version by clicking on the "Tools" link in the header at the top of the page. Follow the link to the ID History Converter.

An ID History Map shows Ensembl release numbers, genomic assemblies, and versions for Ensembl IDs in a horizontal comparison. Small squares or nodes correspond to the ID shown on the left, and represent an update in the version of the ID. Versions are updated if there has been a change in the gene, transcript, or protein model. Nodes (squares) are connected by a line if the versions are related. This line reflects the score of how well the versions match, for recent releases. If a score is not calculated, the line will be grey (unknown score).