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Variation Image (Gene)

Example page (image)

Short sequence variants are displayed for each transcript in a gene in the Variation Image.

Short sequence variants for a gene are shown graphically. These are displayed as vertical lines, colour-coded according to the position of the variation in a transcript. These colours are described at the legend on the bottom of the graphic.

After the row showing all SNPs in the region, all transcripts in a gene are drawn. Red and gold transcripts are protein-coding, while blue transcripts are non-coding.

Each transcript is expanded to fill the display. See Transcript 1 in the diagram. Underneath each transcript are variations. If the variation is in the coding region, a coloured box will show any possible amino acids, such as the variation coding for alanine, in the diagram. Click any box for more information.

Underneath the variations for a transcript, protein domains from various databases are drawn. The domains are also shown in the transcript tab, protein summary link at the left of transcript pages. Variations are traced through the protein domains using a line in the appropriate colour (see legend at the bottom of the diagram).

Scrolling down past variations and domains for each transcript, all possible variations in the view are shown as boxes. If space is available, the nucleotide alleles are displayed. Click any empty box for the alleles, and a link to more information about the variation (variation properties).

To simplify the image, choose only one or two variation consequences by configuring the display using the configure this page link at the left. This allows the consequence and variation source to be changed, and the intron context to be altered (i.e. if intronic variations are drawn, and the distance from an exon they must be to be shown). Note, this will also affect the variation table.

If you would like to zoom in, we suggest you turn on the Sequence variants track using configure this page in Region in Detail.