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This view shows all spliced transcripts for a gene, including EST transcripts and ncRNAs (non-coding RNAs).

Transcript structures and colours are described in the gene help page. Ensembl transcripts are based on mRNA/cDNA and protein information from underlying databases such as UniProtKB and NCBI RefSeq. See the gene annotation documentation for more.

Transcripts are drawn as boxes (exons) and lines connecting the boxes (introns). Filled boxes represent coding sequence and unfilled boxes (or portions of boxes) represent UnTranslated Regions (UTR).

For coding transcripts (gold or red transcripts), protein motifs and domains are shown in purple. Click on a domain (purple block) to see more information such as amino acid positions and links to individual records. These motifs and domains come from various databases listed at the left of the view, for example ProSite and Superfamily.

Vertical brown highlights show exon positions so that all exons across transcripts may be compared.