How do I convert IDs? I have ENSG... IDs and I would like HGNC symbols and EntrezGene IDs along with matching Affymetrix platform HC G110 probes.

This can be done using BioMart. We outline the protocol using Ensembl genes ENSG00000162367 and ENSG00000187048. We will enter in the list of genes and export IDs from multiple databases.

Database: Ensembl genes Dataset: Homo sapiens genes Filters: GENE: ID list limit box: select as the header Ensembl Gene ID(s) and enter gene names.Attributes: EXTERNAL:External References, select HGNC symbol and EntrezGene ID. Scroll down to EXTERNAL: Microarray Attributes to select Affy HC G110.

Click Results at the top.

For BioMart tutorials, see our video on YouTube or YouKu .

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